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Cherie ready to work beesThese long, hot days of July have been just what the honey bees have been waiting for. The heat has finally brought on the nectar flow from all the late wildflowers, the alfalfa and, in the last week, canola. It has been a never ending buffet for the bees and they’ve been “making honey while the sun shines”. Our hives are now looking like small towers dotting the landscape as we add successive ‘supers’ until harvest next month.

The observation hive is also doing well. The queen we took from another hive was finally accepted and has been laying eggs non-stop since she arrived. With the extensive area of brood (the eggs, larva and pupae) we frequently are able to see new bees ‘hatching’ as they chew their way out of their honeycomb cocoon.

millarville farmer's marketThe Farmers Markets have been busy. The new board and management at Millarville Market has had some innovative ideas to make the visit more rewarding for the customer, such as a free draw basket giveaway each week and Saturday July 31 there was a Wild West Show for added entertainment. The Hillhurst Sunnyside Framers Market is also sizzling. July 21 was their Sun n' Salsa Farmers Market which saw a record number of visitors. Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmer's MarketChinook Honey Company didn’t win the salsa competition but we’re already planning our secret recipe for next year! August 4 the market is sponsoring the free event “Bicycle-In Movie Night’ which involves a ‘gentle’ bicycle ride after the market closes at 7:30, then a viewing of “DIRT The Movie” back at the community centre. It’s a great way to grow community spirit!

And speaking of spirit, our 5th Annual “Flavours of the Foothills’ Harvest Festival is fast approaching. Mark Saturday August 28th on your calendar! Flavours of the Foothills It’s a great way to celebrate summer’s end and the bounty that Mother Nature provides us. This year will be a relaxing jaunt through the foothills with activities planned at 3 locations: The Leighton Art Centre, Kayben Farms and Chinook Honey Company. For further information on programs, costs and directions please check the Flavours of the Foothills website.

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Product of the Month

Orange Blossom Honey

Orange Blossom HoneyThis honey has the most amazing flavour. Produced by the honey bees from orange blossom nectar, it is astounding how much the honey tastes like the fruit. But it is much more delicate and even carries the perfume of orange blossoms. Granted it’s from California and not our honey, but everyone needs a little variety!
 Try it simply by the spoonful, on a nice fluffy biscuit (BTW, Susan at Forage makes the best I’ve ever had). Or get inventive and try it as a glaze for pork or turkey.
The Orange Blossom Honey is available in a variety of sizes from 153g ($ 4.75) to 1 Kg. ($16.50).


Wednesday August 4
'Bicycle-In Movie Night'
After Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmer's Market
Click here for more info

Saturday August 21
'Priddis & Millarville Fair & Farmer's Market'
From 8.30 am until 12 pm
Click here for more info

Saturday August 28
5th Annual Flavours of the Foothills

Harvest Festival
A day of fun, learning and activities!
Click here for more info


Mead Matters

The ‘Excalibur’ is still receiving rave reviews and sales have exceeded our expectations. Many are taking advantage of our case discount of 5% and we have only 3 cases left. Do not fear however – standing in the wings is the oaked version, of which we have 18 cases. It will be available by mid August. Our latest taste test proved that it has matured very well – it is so smooth it just floats down your throat. For anyone who may not like oak aged wines it will really surprise you.

Art recently hosted a visit from a future commercial mead maker in BC. Ed Nowek, of Planet Bee in Vernon was here to learn some of the practical aspects of large scale mead production and will very soon be in putting in his first batch. We look forward to tasting his ‘Honeymoon Mead’ when we visit the Okanagan and hope you will visit the new Meadery as well.

Recipe from our Kitchen

Potato SaladPotato Salad with Honey
This time of year one of our greatest pleasures is to saunter into the garden, select the latest ripe vegetables and prepare them for dinner. We’ve just had our first new potatoes and this recipe from Chef Liana Robberecht of the Calgary Petroleum Club is a tasty and unusual way to use them.

Click here to view a printer-friendly version of the full recipe.

bee's eyeBees and Honey in the News

Rose-Lynn Fisher B E E y o n d
The first time I looked at a bee’s eye magnified I was amazed to see a field of hexagons, just like honeycomb. I wondered, is this a coincidence or a clue?


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Teasing Trivia

Q: What is honeydew?
A:.Honeydew is a sweet liquid excreted by some insects like aphids which may be collected by honey bees. In some parts of Europe honey made from honeydew is usually called Forest Honey and can be very expensive to purchase.

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