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Wow – it’s June already and I know it was just days ago the snow left. Please Mother Nature give us a late fall to make up for this tardy spring.
Our new hives are now safely moved to our various bee yards, scattered between our home site and the Strathmore area. The dandelion crop has been amazing and our bees are likely the only ones dancing because of that! At times the fields have almost looked like canola they are so yellow. At least our dandelion honey will be plentiful!
The observation hive is slowly but surely gaining momentum now that the Kiwi queen is hitting her stride. The wax making and comb building bees have been creating artistic mosaics of very yellow (those dandelions!) beeswax.

It’s also Farmers Market season. Hillhurst-Sunnyside opened May 25 with good crowds, great music and the wet weather even held off. The later markets haven’t been quite so lucky, but we’re grateful to those tough individuals that come, rain or shine, to support local producers.
Speaking of which, Millarville Farmers Market opened this past Saturday, June 11, with a steady downpour that lasted from beginning to end. It was very soggy but many intrepid souls ventured out and we enjoyed re-connecting with everyone. Millarville Farmer's market If you haven’t been to the Millarville Market in the last few years, you’ll find many pleasant changes. The canteen now features local farm produce and our fave ice cream wizards at Evelyn’s Memory Lane (High River) are supplying the ice cream. Also check out the new ‘Farm to Table’ booth near the arena. This is another new initiative of the Millarville Ag Society to connect local farmers with consumers. Not all producers are able to be at the market so this should help them become more accessible.


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In This Issue: June 2011

Farmer's Market Season
Strawberry Honey Jam
Oaked Excalibur
Honey Rhubarb Dessert

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Buzz Notes

beeNew – Maple Honey Spread – very yummy! $9.00 for 250 ml.
beeBack – Jelly bees  - 5 for $2.00
beeHoney price increases 5-10% coming Jun 29 - stock up now!!

Product of the Month

Strawberry jamStrawberry Honey Jam

At CHC we’re all about providing the best honey products possible so our research team has been working diligently to improve our honey jams. Strawberry jam jarsIt hasn’t been easy, and there’s been many batches abandoned. Honey is tricky when it comes to achieving perfect jam consistency. In addition each fruit has different levels of pectin, sweetness and acidity which change the game too.
So you can imagine the ‘happy dance’ in the kitchen when we finally mastered the new Strawberry Honey Jam! Enjoy the brilliant flavour on toast, biscuits, scones and even ice cream. Just $5.50 for 227g or $15.00 for three.

Mead Matters

************ OAKED EXCALIBUR ***************
***********LIMITED NEW RELEASE *************
*************  Friday June 17 *********************
An excellent, unique Father’s Day gift.

Yes, the Oaked Excalibur is finally ready to be released June 17th! We know there are many of you that have been waiting patiently for it so shop early to avoid disappointment.
Soon to be in the tanks is the next Cherry Mi Amore. This will be different from the 2010 release. To better highlight Alberta fruit we are using only Evans cherries this time. And truthfully, the slightly tart fruit matches our rich Alberta multi-floral honey wonderfully. Preliminary trials have been stellar – we know this will be a crowd pleaser.
The preliminary results are just in from the 2011 Northwest Wine Summit and our meads have again placed well. ‘Melissa’s Gold’ won a gold medal, and ‘Berry Bliss’ won silver. This is very encouraging and we’re glad that ‘Melissa’s Gold’ is finally getting the recognition it deserves.


Friday June 17
New release of Oaked Excalibur

Chinook Arch Meadery

August 11-14
Taste of Calgary

Festival Plaza, Eau Claire Market, Calgary
Join us - great mead with fabulous food!
11 am - 9 pm
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Saturday August 27
6th Annual Chinook Honey Harvest Festival

10 am - 5 pm
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Recipe from our Kitchen

Honey Rhubarb Dessert

This time of year, no matter how bad the Alberta winter and spring have been rhubarb is a dependable staple for dessert. Interestingly, though we treat it as a fruit, it is actually a vegetable and related to buckwheat (both have similar heart shaped leaves). Rhubarb stalks are a great source of fiber, thus good for digestion, contain vitamin A and C, have anti-bacterial properties and can lower blood pressure. Highly acidic and tart, sweetening with honey is a natural! Our store manager Pat Hussey highly recommends this recipe!

Honey Rhubarb Dessert

Click here to view the full recipe.

Bees and Honey in the News

Bee Brain & SkillsScientists look to honey bee to solve brain disorders

ELEANOR HALL: Researchers at the Queensland Brain Institute are looking to insects to explain disorders like schizophrenia and autism in people.

The scientists say that honey bees use similar molecules as humans to remember things like places and smells and they say their research could help scientists unravel the treatment options for some mysterious brain disorders, as Josh Bavas reports.
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Teasing Trivia

Q: How fast do bees fly?
A: They travel about 13-16 mile per hour when flying.

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