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As we approach the summer solstice, spring flowers are slowly giving way to summer blooms and the bees are enjoying all of it. Over the past few days our cotoneaster and lilac hedges have been humming with the sound of thousands of bees and other pollinators. Although the cotoneaster flower may be insignificant in our eyes the pollinators seem very impressed! Today I saw honey bees, bumble bees, leaf cutter bees, bee flies, house flies and even moths dancing amongst the tiny blossoms. The pictures here show both a honey bee and a bee fly. Can you tell the difference? The bee fly has larger eyes, smaller antenna and the typical ‘sticky’ feet of all flies.

Bee fly Honey Bee

Out at our numerous hive locations the bees are making the best of the unsettled weather and bringing in nectar from a wide variety of sources including caragana, cotoneaster, lilacs and late dandelions. In another few weeks the alfalfa will be blossoming and hopefully that will provide them with the BIG nectar flow.
The observation hive is building nicely and our queen is now laying on two of the four frames. Locally, swarming season has just started and though our observation hive is expanding steadily it is not nearly ready to swarm yet. Perhaps by late July it will. In the meantime it is providing us with many insights into honey bee behavior.

Millarville Farmers Market has just started its 30th season which is wonderful! There are many interesting products available and new this year are ‘Food Ambassador’ classes which start June 23. Participants will learn first hand how to make samosas, pickle cucumbers (aka dill pickles) and make jelly.

Hillhurst- Sunnyside also has a number of new vendors and their next special market is the Sun & Salsa Market July 25. Salsa tasting is the name of the game and the Beer & Wine Gardens are always a great hit.

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In This Issue: June 2012

Summer blooms
Black Currant Pepper Honey Jelly
Stampede Reserve
Rhubarb Honey Chutney

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Buzz Notes

bee New – Our dairy-free honey sorbet in Raspberry and Lemon!
bee Teacher’s gifts – we have an awesome selection.
bee Every Sunday starting June 24 – Sweet Summer Honey Sundaes in Caramel or Chocolate.

Black Currant Pepper Honey JellyProduct of the Month

Black Currant Pepper Honey Jelly

Are you tired of the same old jam on your morning toast? Are you looking for something to give cheese and crackers extra zip? Well, our new Black Currant Pepper Jelly made with honey is just the ticket. Something to sharpen up every meal – it’s also excellent with lamb or pork. A 190 ml jar is $5.95.

Stampede ReserveMead Matters

July 5 is the big day – Release day for our “1912-2012 Stampede Reserve Mead”. At the Meadery we will be sampling the new mead with appetizers and there will be a free draw for a lovely mead gift basket. For those that can’t make it here, it will also be released the following day at our liquor store partners Highlander Wines & Spirits, Inglewood Wine Market, The Okotoks Wine Station and Willow Park Wines and Spirits. Ironic as it may seem, in 1912 the general population was more knowledgeable about mead than they are today. Let’s try to reverse that and make mead the drink for the next century!
There is another new melomel to be released mid-summer. It will be bottled within the next few weeks and we’ll have more information in the next newsletter. Another very special mead will be released at our Harvest Festival but those details are top secret and so far Art is being tight lipped about it.
In the meantime he’s actually been able to start another traditional mead which is showing great promise. 

Adventures with Artisan Vinegar

We are proud that Chinook Vinegar Works is the only vinegar producer in Alberta. Since all vinegar must start with wine or spirits it is perhaps understandable. Producing vinegar in an artisan style, slowly and in small amounts, does not require expensive high volume equipment and allows us to nurture our product. When you support local foods often you are also supporting a revival of lost arts. In addition to the Chinook Honey Company store you can find our mead vinegars at Millarville Market on Saturday mornings and at Hillhurst Sunnyside Market on Wednesday afternoons. As well, our partners at Divine Café in Okotoks, and Cookbooks Co. in Calgary have them available. Try our Mead Vinegar drizzled over fresh steamed vegetables. Delicious!

honey calgaryUPCOMING EVENTS

Thursday July 5
Premiere Mead Release

'1912-2012 Stampede Reserve Mead
Chinook Arch Meadery
10 am - 5 pm

Wednesday July 25
Sun and Salsa Market

Hillhurst - Sunnyside Farmers Market
3 pm - 7 pm
Click here for more info

August 17, 18 and 19
'Taste of Calgary'
Eau Claire Festival Plaza
11 am - 9 pm
Click here for more info

Saturday August 25
7th Annual Harvest Festival

Chinook Honey Company
10 am - 5 pm
mead calgary

Recipe from our Kitchen

Rhubarb Honey Chutney

This spring the rhubarb is flourishing (well, I guess there’s not many years when it doesn’t!) and this recipe is a great way to preserve springtime memories. The chutney is a wonderful condiment for meats and poultry.

Rhubarb Honey Chutney

Click here to view the full recipe.

Teasing Trivia

Did you know?
Guy Weadick was the hardworking cowboy and entertainer in wild-west shows who envisioned the Calgary Stampede way back in the early 1900s. He produced the first one in 1912, but it was called the “Frontier Days and Cowboy Championship Contest.” It soon became known as the Calgary Stampede.

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