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Well, it finally happened – the last wrapping was complete November 1. The day prior to that was also the day the hive inspectors (from the new AFSC hive insurance program) checked them and gave them a clean bill of health. Let’s hope all our work to get them in tip top shape pays off and that our spring losses are minimal. This mild November weather will be helpful. The bees have been going for little fresh air flights - when it’s not too windy!

Our 6th annual Christmas at the Hive event is Saturday December 5. It’s hard to imagine that it’s been that long but when I look back on the photos I realize just how far we’ve come. We’ll have some of those old pictures on display. Some of the other highlights are:

  • Santa’s Reindeer – family photo opportunity
  • Snow candle making
  • Fire pit with bison and turkey smokies AND roasted chestnuts
  • Crafts and contests
  • Draw for a Gourmet Honey Basket
  • Meadery and Apiary tours
  • Mead tasting
  • Displays by local artist Jack Rooney

Reindeer headIn addition you will have a chance to meet the owners of Winters Turkeys, Darrel and Corinne Winter. They will be one of our sponsors and will be selling their tasty free range turkeys or taking orders for fresh turkeys just in time for Christmas.
Our Christmas event has been a special fund raiser for World Vision Beehive Kits for the past 3 years.
In 2007 we raised $260.00 and in 2008 $740.00. We chose this charity because the money goes directly to a village or family to get them started in the beekeeping business. Beekeeping is a very sustainable form of agriculture that has many far reaching benefits of not only income but also improved health and well being from the various bee hive products. Please join us this year to help us reach our goal of $1000.

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Cherry Mi AmorMead Matters

Art finally got the Buckaroo Buckwheat tamed and bottled early this month. Though it’s still young he has released it in time for Christmas and is now working on another batch of Melissa’s Gold. For the holiday season we also have unique Dessert gift bags which include a “miniature” 200 ml size of Cherry Mi Amor and mead jelly.

For only $14.95 they are a great way to introduce Mead to your friends and family.



December 5
Christmas at the Hive

Chinook Honey Company
(fundraising for World Vision)
Sat Dec 5 (10am-5pm)
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Holiday and 2010 Hours at Chinook Honey Company

Closed Dec 25 and Dec26
Open Dec 27, 28, 29, 30  12pm - 5pm
Closed Dec 31 - Jan 6, 2010

Regular Hours  Jan 7 - April 6, 2010
Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 12pm - 5 pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday


Product of the Month

Grand Marnier Honey

Grand Marnier HoneyWe’ve been planning to do a liqueur flavoured honey for some time and we’re happy to present our new “Grand Marnier” flavoured honey. It does contain Grand Marnier so this is simply a little decadence disguised as a healthy treat!

We have it available in the 153 g size for $5.00 and at 227g for $6.50. While in the store also keep an eye out for the many gift packs that are available containing the Flavour trio – Lemon, Vanilla and Grand Marnier honey.

Recipe from our Kitchen

Chinook Honey Cornbread

Cornbread is a great fall treat that jazzes up a hearty stew or baked beans. It is also frequently found on Thanksgiving tables in the southern U.S. This recipe is simple and the added honey makes it very moist.
Click here to view a printer-friendly version of the full recipe.

Honey Cornbread

Research in the news

There was a number of interesting research papers discussed at the Alberta Beekeepers AGM in Edmonton earlier this month. One that particularly caught our attention was a study done by Dr. Steve Pernal of the Beaverlodge Research dead beeFarm regarding the best methods of applying Fumigillan B for the treatment of nosema ceranae. This microsporidian parasite is one very frequently connected with CCD (colony collapse disorder) and one we were affected by this past winter. This specific disease is relatively new here and the treatment methods we had used in the past clearly weren’t working. This research project won’t be complete for another year or more but already the information provided by Dr. Pernal and our provincial apiculturist Dr. Medhat Nasr is helping us improve our bee’s health. For anyone wanting to help fund the many ongoing research projects in Canada please check out the new ‘Save Our Bees’ fund raising organized by the Canadian Honey Council.

Nicotine Is No Good for Honeybees, Either
Getting to the bottom of 3 pesticide problems
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Teasing Trivia

Q. How do honeybees communicate with each other?
A. By dancing. Honeybees do a dance which alerts other bees where nectar and pollen is located. The dance explains direction and distance.

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