Hivelights March 2017

After a weather roller coaster in February we’re just hoping that March has more consistency. What do those wild temperature fluctuations do to the bees? If it’s only for a few days in a row, warm days near 10C are helpful – the bees get out for a cleansing flight and some fresh air. However too many warm days (three or more) will trigger them to start foraging. As we know – there’s no flowers, nectar or pollen in Alberta in February or March so valuable honey supplies are used up in the search with no reward. Secondly if the temperature plummets quickly some bees may be unable to return to the hive in time and will perish. So far our bees haven’t suffered from this crazy weather pattern and we’ll soon be out to give them their first feeding of the year. Then we just hope for a mild spring!

We met a huge number of enthusiastic foodies at the Medicine Hat Food and Beverage Expo February 25th. It was a great way to introduce Chinook Arch Mead to the crowds and we’re pleased to bring Southwest Liquor Store on board as our exclusive distributor in ‘The Hat’. Please don’t hesitate to let them know if your favourite isn’t on the shelf and we will get it there. Our next South Alberta Food & Beverage Expo is in Red Deer April 1st. It’s the best deal for your entertainment dollar so be sure to join us.

Horde at the Hive 2017 is shaping up well. This year it’s planned for May 13th & 14th so it’s bound to be great ‘battle’ weather for the intrepid Vikings. The Artisan’s Market is also going to be a hit with many period crafts on display such as Master Ark medieval jewelry, Kaos Theory Leather and Calum Lykan ‘s marvelous story telling. All that with mead flowing as well – it’s an event not to be missed so mark the date!

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