Plans are underway for a May 2021 competition


  • Competition staff is not permitted to re-classify or categorize incorrectly entered mead.
  • Entrants, either as a primary or as a co-entrant, may submit  a maximum of 3 entries total. Entries open March 2,2020
  • Once entry is paid a confirmation email with additional information will be forwarded.
  • Entries in category M2 (Fruit- Melomel), must specify the varieties of fruit used.
  • Entries in category M3 (Spiced Mead- Metheglin), must specify the types of spices used.
  • Entries in category M4B (Specialty Mead – Braggot, etc), must describe the special nature of the mead, whether it is a combination of existing styles, or some other creation.
  • Entries in category M4A (Specialty Mead- Sparkling must specify the level of carbonation
  • The Home Competition Entry fee is $15.00 per entry. Payment by PayPal is available when entering online.
  • Any and all Cannabis derivative mead entries are prohibited and will be disqualified
  • Entry bottles may be labeled
  • Deadline for entry form submission and payment is September 1st, 2020.
  • Entry bottles will be accepted after September 18th at Chinook Honey Company 
  • Shipped entries must be received by September 25th (to prevent bottle shock) and delivered entries must be received by April 25th.
  • Entries will not be refrigerated. Ensure that they are  completely stabilized and properly closed.  (Our stewards would like to avoid a mead shower.) 
  • Any entry that gushes excessively will be disqualified


  • Judging will be onsite Saturday October 3rd 2020. Winners of each division will be announced on Sunday October 4th via the website and Facebook page and score sheets will be emailed shortly afterwards.
  • Judging will be done blind and the judges will not be exposed to any identifiable information about the mead other than the category, the type of mead it is and ingredients.
  • A panel of at least two judges will judge each entry according to the category in which it was entered.
  • Competition staff, judges and stewards are permitted to enter, but are not permitted to judge or steward a category for which they are entrants.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals may be awarded in each category; however the competition organizers reserve the right to combine categories for the purposes of awards if fewer than five entries are received in a given category. Medals will be available for pick up or can be mailed as of Sunday October 4th.
  • There will be an award for Best of Show decided by our panel of judges

2019 Winners

🥇 1. Kristeva Dowling’s “Tinkerbelles Kiss”
🥈 2. Dritan Qose’s “Alba’s Gold”
🥉 3. Justin Vellinga’s “Menage et troi”

🥇 1. Kristeva Dowling’s “Blue Velvet”
🥈 2. Jonathan Robinson’s “Rufus’s Uncompromising Berries “
🥉 3. Kyle Maclean’s “Cherry Bomb” 
🥇 1. Kelly Duff’s “Rosehip Hibiscus”
🥈 2. Kristeva Dowling’s “Cracklin Rosie”
🥉 3. Rodney Harder’s “Butterfly tears
🥇 1. Kristeva Dowling’s “Pear Poivre”
🥈 2. Dritan Qose’s “Bochet-Fortified”
🥉 3. Dritan Qose’s “Barrel #1”
🥇 1. Mike Duff’s “Kings Mead”
🥈 2. Kayll Schaefer’s “Honey N Hops”
🥉 3. Mike Stoll’s “Blizzard Berry”


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