Hivelights – August 2019

Our weather is finally feeling more like summer – now that a month of it is gone. The flowers and bees are both behind schedule so they are playing catch up. The bees are just now filling hives with their honey bounty and we hope the warm temperatures will stay longer to compensate! 

Save the Pollinators! Many of earth’s pollinators are being reduced in number and even a few to a point of being endangered or extinct. Pollinators include hundreds of types of insects (i.e. bees and butterflies) as well as birds (i.e. hummingbirds) and mammals (such as bats). We need to acknowledge the role that each play in our ecosystem, and our reliance on them. They all need our concern and assistance

In the meantime beekeeping has become a much more difficult endeavor in the last 15 years. Our issues are numerous: parasitic mites, diseases, pesticides, extreme weather, fraudulent honey and increasing expenses to name a few. We appreciate the support from everyone as we struggle to keep our little charges healthy and happy. Help your local beekeeper nurture their bees!

That starts with all of you buying honey from your local apiary. Not only are you assured of quality honey but when you support us it bolsters our local economy. We appreciate that you seek out our products and let others know who and where we are. And personally, we love meeting our customers face-to-face and learning about your lives-  and your love of honey🐝



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