Hivelights – July 2019

A bumble bee rescue

Thanks to all or our performers and guests for making Horde at the Hive a special event. The addition of the sheep dog demonstration by Jerry from Y Knott Ranch was very popular – who knew that a well trained dog could be such an asset to a Viking family?!

We’ve all heard the buzz words (sorry for the pun) ‘Save the Bees’. But do those speaking them know that there are roughly 20,000 bee species in the world (though only a mere 300 or so in Alberta)? Exactly which species are they referring to? Are all of them in danger? The answer is ‘NO’. In North America only 8 bee species are considered endangered and honey bees aren’t one of them. In Europe there are approximately 2000 different species of which approximately 9% are in trouble. Honey bees (apis mellifera) are not at risk of extinction in Europe either. So what should the real message be?

In general bees (family apidae of the class insecta) are valuable pollinators of many types of plants. Crop pollination is also done by wind, other animals and insects or by self- pollination, so the actual percentage done by bees is approximately 10%. That’s a significant amount and we would definitely miss those plant species if the bees were no longer here. But perhaps we should change the slogan to ‘Save the Pollinators’. The next questions are How? and from What? Stay tuned to next months ‘Hivelights’.

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