Hivelights Jun 2019

Hives in Dandelions

It’s a glorious time for bees! The dandelions are in full bloom and the fields are buzzing with happy pollinators. The blooms are late but the bees are certainly making up for lost time and we should get a bumper crop of dandelion honey. It’s a time for celebrating!

First Spring Nectar!

Our Viking Invasion is right around the corner. This coming weekend  June 1st and 2nd we’ll be hosting Horde at the Hive with numerous performances to entertain the whole family – with a little craft and culinary shopping thrown in. Don’t miss it!
In May Hivelights we were writing about fraudulent honey – what it was and why individuals would want to commit this kind of crime. For example Chinese honey is frequently guilty of being adulterated, either by ultra-filtration (to remove pollen which can be used to trace it) or sometimes it is cut with much cheaper corn syrup or fructose syrup to enhance profit margins. Occasionally Chinese beekeepers feed corn syrup to the bees just before harvest.

This month we’ll talk about the best way to ensure that you don’t become a victim of it. One of the best ways to avoid fraudulent honey is to get yours from a reputable local apiary. When you look at it there is a way to test for dilution as shown in this CBC video. We recommend this quick test to all of our customers.

It is also re-assuring that Canadian honey standards are closely regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) who not only inspect closely all honey imported to Canada but also inspect Canadian honey producers to ensure their honey is pure. Unfortunately standards in the USA are not as strict and commercial honey cut with corn syrup or another sweeter is common.  

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