1. Q. Is mead a beer or a wine?

A. Mead is actually a wine and the primary fermentable is honey. In beer the primary fermentable is sugar created from the starches in grains or cereals which are first converted by the malting process.

2. Q. Who discovered mead?

A. The exact origins of mead are unknown however there has been evidence of human consumption of mead discovered in China from ruins dating back to 7000 BC.

3. Q. How sweet is mead?

A. That can vary considerably. It can be made medium dry or very sweet (often called a Sack mead). In comparison to grape wines mead is often similar to a Reisling or a Muscat. It is not as sweet as an Iced Wine.

4. Q. How much honey is used to make one 750 ml. bottle of mead?

A. There is approximately 330 g. honey used to make a regular bottle of mead. That can vary depending on what level of sweetness the mazer (mead maker) is trying to achieve.

5. Q. Is mead gluten free?

A. Yes, mead is gluten free.

6. Q. What alcohol percentage is it?

A. Our meads are typically between 12 and 13% alc./vol. and our Iced Meads are around 20%. Some meads (often called Session meads) are made with less than 10% alcohol.

7. Q. Do you add sulfites to your meads?

A. No we do not. Some wineries add sulfites in order to better control the fermentation or prevent oxidation but we do not.

8. Q. How long will mead last?

A. Most meads age very well in the bottle, some for 10 years or more. Once opened, they can be stored for three or more weeks in the fridge without losing their quality.

9. Q. At what temperature should I serve mead?

A. We recommend most meads be served slightly chilled. However any of the sweeter, dessert style meads benefit from being served at room temperatures which enhances the release of their wonderful aromas. Metheglins such as our ‘Fire ‘N Spice’ are lovely served warm, like a mulled wine.

10. Q. Can you use mead in cocktails?

A. Most definitely. Mixologists are finding that mead is a great addition to many cocktails. For something unique try mixing a sweeter mead with a drier spirit such as gin. Check our list of cocktail recipes.

11. Q. What ingredients can be used in making mead?

A. The basis of all meads is honey, water and yeast. After that there are no restrictions. The Romans started experimentation with adding fruit and a wide variety of herbs and spices. Since those times other ingredients have included flower petals, coffee beans, vanilla beans, maple syrup and even chili peppers.

12. Q. I’ve never heard of mead. How popular is it?

A. Mead popularity has grown considerably in the last 10 years. In Canada alone the number of commercial meaderies has expanded from approximately 14 in 2006 to more than 25 in 2014. In the US, where mead making has more frequently grown from small brewery roots there’s over 150 meaderies and at least one in each State.

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