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What is Propolis?

Propolis is a sticky substance made from the resin of trees. Foraging bees transport resin back to the hive on their back legs. At the hive, the tree resin is removed, mixed with a small amount of beeswax and water, and becomes Propolis.

Each individual cell of the comb must be sterilized with a thin coating of Propolis before the queen will lay an egg in the cell. Thus the entire hive is a sterile environment because of the bees’ use of this natural antibiotic.

Propolis is also used to seal and protect the hive from outside elements such as wind and rain, and from intruders. This is where Propolis got its name.

The word Propolis originates from two Greek words, ‘pro’ which means before and ‘polis’ which means city or ‘defense before the city.’

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Propolis Tincture 30 ml, Propolis Tincture 30 ml- Alcohol Free, Propolis Throat Spray 30 ml, Api-Immune 50 ml, Api-Immune 50 ml – Alcohol Free

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