Donning a bee suit is a commitment to take an adventure into a new world. It can invoke trepidation but also wonderment knowing it enables one to get very close to honeybees. In this 3 hour immersive experience with our beekeeper you will be backstage in the honey bee world, intently watching their many activities  and also learning how a beekeeper nurtures their industrious charges.

After your hive work relaxation is in order! In our private Clubhouse you will have the chance to appreciate honey bees even more while using some of the beneficial hive products to create a personalized memento of your experience. Enjoy the mountain view with mead samples, snacks and other refreshments as well as the camaraderie of your fellow guests  who have also just learned the secret life of bees.

Timing       Activity
1:00-1:45  In the Honeybee Discovery Centre you’ll get a short beekeeping intro before suiting up to visit the hives.
1:45- 3:00  With our beekeeper work in the hives and experience the amazing life of bees while learning the benefit of pollinators.
3:00- 4:00  Head to the private clubhouse for mead tasting, tasty bites and create a memento of your visit with the bees

Participants must be 12 years and over. Group size is limited to a maximum of 14 to enable an intimate experience for everyone!

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Note: Please Contact Us if more than 1 ticket is required for the Sept 21 Backstage program.

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